• Protect your business and your bottom line.

A small hole in your security is a huge hole in your profits (and that hole will keep getting bigger).

Building a successful business takes years. Years of hard work, courageous decisions, personal sacrifices (not to mention the money that goes into it).  

Over those years you keep your eye on the competition, the marketplace, your costs and cashflow. You manage the risks to your business on a daily basis to protect its future but the biggest risk could be the one you’re not seeing.

Security systems are there to help you pro-actively protect against all of the risks to your bottom line.

They protect against vandalism, theft, fraud and burglary. They also enable you to see and deal with employee misconduct, health, safety and security procedure breaches as well as see any gaps or holes in your productivity and profitability.

Out of sight, out of mind is a very dangerous concept when it comes to protecting your assets, your profits and ultimately your business.

Security systems are the second set of eyes you wish you had.

Eyes that can search, hunt, find and highlight any threats to your business so you can eliminate them.

It’s like having a dedicated security director whose sole responsibility is to ensure the protection of your people, assets and profit… except this guy can be everywhere at once, giving you 24/7, 365 control and peace of mind.

We provide a completely tailored security system for your business that will do exactly what you need (and a little bit more).

Here is what you can expect from us


We listen first. We want to know exactly what has prompted you to look at security for your home so that we can prioritise and advise you based on your specific circumstances.


We visit your property at a convenient time for you and carry out a detailed site survey looking at your home and the full perimeter. We analyse it as a criminal would backed by years of experience and expertise into their thinking.


We provide you with tailored recommendations for your home, letting you know all of your options so you can ultimately decide what is right for you.


We make sure you know exactly what will happen and when. Communication is critical to us, you’ll never be left guessing.


We will fit your security system at a convenient time for you and take the time (however much you need) to show you how to use it.


Whether you have a question on your new system or it’s time for an annual service there are various maintenance packages for you. The key thing to remember is we are always at the end of the phone offering free advice any day or time.

Get straight through to a director, call Lee today to discuss your security needs.

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