• Relax, without dropping your guard

Relax, without dropping your guard

An alarm is your very own home security guard, ready to notify you of any unwanted activity. With the majority of burglaries taking place during daylight hours there is a good chance you won’t be home if it happens.

The good news is that alarm systems are a significant deterrent to burglars and are therefore key in the security of your property. They are also now sophisticated enough that you can manage the security of your home from your phone wherever you are. The alarm sensor will detect movement or if a door or window contact is broken and will sound the alarm. You will be notified of this to your mobile device if you are away from the property.

Here are some of the key benefits of modern alarms


Our alarms are connected wirelessly to the panel inside your home, avoiding unnecessary wires through your home.


All alarms are battery operated with simple to replace batteries. The alarm panel will alert you to a low battery and changing them is quick and easy to do yourself.

Pet Friendly

Alarms have advanced dramatically over the last 5 years and are now pet-friendly, so your beloved cat or dog is less likely to disturb your sleep!


Alarms connect to your WiFi and can be operated by any mobile device so you can be notified of any disturbance from anywhere at any time.

Mobile App

You can set, unset and manage your alarm from the App so no turning around if you’ve set off on holiday without putting the alarm on.


You can also set and unset the alarm via remote fobs that attach to your car keys so you can unset the alarm before you get out the car. Handy if it’s raining, you have shopping and/or children!


Insurers may discount your premium! Most providers now offer discounts if you have a security system in place. 

An alarm is a standard piece of security equipment for your home

Alarms are now more affordable and effective than ever. The question isn’t should you have one but which one should you have. We’re here to answer that for you as well as any other questions or concerns you have about the security of your home.

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