• Is your home the easy target?

    The average burglar is no locksmith but with most standard windows and doors they don’t need to be.

Burglars are looking for easy entry so they can get in, get what they want and get out

A quick snap of a lock and they’re in, simple as that. Whilst most people think their locks are the key safety barrier, keeping unwanted people out, they are actually the most common weakness in your home security.

“Locks are the most common point of weakness we identify when carrying out a free security review of a property. This simple change to your home can be the most valuable.” 

Burglars snap the barrel of the lock to easily gain access to your property without creating noise or attention.

So how can you make it harder for them to break in?

The last thing a burglar wants is to battle with a difficult lock, increasing their chances of getting caught. If it isn’t easy they’ll give up and move on.

Anti snap locks prevent the ease with which burglars can break into your house. They do exactly what you would imagine, they hold strong and protect your home against anyone trying to force their way in. 

Full lock replacement to windows and doors with insurance rated anti-snap locks can increase the security of your home dramatically and provide a vital line of defence.

At just £100 for two anti-snap locks, this could be the most cost effective change you make.

As part of our FREE Security Review we’ll advise you on which doors and windows are most vulnerable and therefore would benefit most from these locks. We can also advise on multi-lock discounts if you decide to change more than one lock.

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