• Feeling safe in your own home

    You don’t realise how important it is, until it’s gone

The financial consequences of a break in are never as painful as losing your sense of safety.

When your home has been broken into or there has been suspicious activity, it can be particularly hard to relax at night. The stress and anxiety can have a huge impact on your ability to sleep and go about your day to day life.

We’re here to give you back complete peace of mind but we’d much rather help to prevent any incidents from occurring in the first place.

It’s time to give us a call when…


Your home, or a neighbour, has been broken into


Police have warned of an increase in crime in the area


You’re worried about the security of your home when you’re away


You have a new car sitting on the driveway that makes a nice target


You’re concerned for the safety of your parents / children / spouse

Sometimes it is the smallest changes to your home that become the greatest deterrent to criminals.

The positioning and placement of CCTV cameras and alarms is one way to deter criminals but there are also many smaller, more subtle ways of persuading them away from your property.

The landscaping, gates, and walls that make up the perimeter of your home have an influence on whether you become the chosen target. This is something we assist all our customers with during our free security review where we provide personalised advice and recommendations on the best way to secure your home.

Our goal, from the very first phone call, is to give you complete peace of mind and help you feel safe in the knowledge your home is secure.

Everything we do is designed to remove any and all stress surrounding the security of your home, from the products we offer to the way we communicate at every step of the process. Our unique, personal, approach is why our customers love to recommend us to their friends and family.

Here is what you can expect from us


We listen first. We want to know exactly what has prompted you to look at security for your home so that we can prioritise and advise you based on your specific circumstances.


We visit your property at a convenient time for you and carry out a detailed site survey looking at your home and the full perimeter. We analyse it as a criminal would backed by years of experience and expertise into their thinking.


We provide you with tailored recommendations for your home, letting you know all of your options so you can ultimately decide what is right for you.


We make sure you know exactly what will happen and when. Communication is critical to us, you’ll never be left guessing.


We will fit your security system at a convenient time for you and take the time (however much you need) to show you how to use it.


Whether you have a question on your new system or it’s time for an annual service there are various maintenance packages for you. The key thing to remember is we are always at the end of the phone offering free advice any day or time.

Find out how we can help to secure your home

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