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    Always Protected.

The majority of burglaries happen during the day.

Despite the popular belief that during the night is the time to worry, it is when you are busy at work or away on holiday that your home is most vulnerable.

CCTV is the biggest deterrent to criminals and it also allows you to have eyes on your home from anywhere in the world at any time. Coupled with an alarm this gives you complete control over the security of your property.

Modern CCTV provides crystal clear imagery, gone are the days of black and white grainy images. There is no longer any excuse for poor CCTV as even the cheapest cameras now give impressive results.

CCTV has two main functions


To deter the criminal from targeting your property by showing a pro-active approach to security they’ll want to avoid


To capture images day and night of any suspicious or criminal activity to aid the Police and bring the perpetrator to justice

How CCTV systems work in your home

  • Camera Specifications

    Camera size, type and position are all determined based on your specific property characteristics and priorities. We will advise you on this during our FREE Security Review.

  • Storage

    A hard drive (recorder) stores the footage and will record for the length of time you want it to. We usually set them to record for 1-2 weeks (or the length of your longest holiday / period away from home).

  • Viewing Location

    The recorder can sit anywhere in your house with the majority of customers choosing to connect it to their main tv (sat neatly on top of the sky box) for ease of use if you want to watch the footage.

  • Connectivity

    A cable connects each camera to the recorder – these are hidden as much as possible both to protect the cables and for aesthetics.

  • Usage

    The recorder operates like a computer by use of a mouse to navigate a simple menu where you can playback footage and export footage to a USB drive should you wish to.

Case Study

“An associate recommended ITUS to us when we needed CCTV for our home due to a number of disturbances in the night. We had confidence in them from the first phone call thanks to the way everything was explained. They exceeded our expectations.

We are so pleased with the system fitted at our home. Being elderley and disabled, having cameras at the front and rear of our home has given us a sense of security plus untold hours of pleasure watching wildlife during the day and night. The most spectacular being three foxes playing on our lawn at 4am. Thank you ITUS for your clean, professional work.”

Colin Stevenson 

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