Residential Alarms


84% of burglars avoid homes with intruder alarms (Home Office Report: Findings 249), so it makes perfect sense to protect your home by having an ITUS Security Systems intruder alarm installed.

Our wired or wireless alarm systems can be installed by our professional engineers to suit your specific security needs, and we only work with the most reliable of suppliers to ensure your guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind.

Door and window contacts are the most common way of “tripping” the alarm so if anyone was to break that contact, your alarm would sound and help prevent a crime taking place. Other methods of alerting you to the presence of a criminal are PIR sensors which would sound the alarm before anyone had the chance to break in to your home.

Our alarms can also be monitored by a 24-hour monitoring station who will alert the police if you are not contactable, which is perfect for when no-one is home or you are away on holiday.

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